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Double Blooming Alfresco Amaryllis in Bamboo Planter


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The Alfresco Amaryllis bulbs are a holiday favorite for good reason; they produce beautiful, double and sometimes triple pure white flowers that grow 6” across presenting full-petaled white blooms with chartreuse centers. Each bulb usually produces up to 2-3 stems with 5-8 flowers per stem and blooms 6-8 weeks after planting. Raised at a family farm in South Africa, these ornamental holiday favorites are gifts that will be remembered long after the holidays.

The team of experienced growers from South Africa is dedicated to providing the perfect environment for healthy bulb propagation with a focus on healthy bulbs and customer satisfaction. The company is family-owned and is run today by direct descendants from the founders.

The kit ships with the Alfresco Amaryllis bulb, Bamboo Planter, bulb compost and an acrylic Grow Joy gift tag.


Alfresco Amaryllis Bulb
6” flowers on 12-14” stems
Large, double white flowers with chartreuse green centers
Four to six weeks to bloom after planting
Prefers bright light
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Bamboo Planter - beautifully designed and made of bamboo, this planter will lend style long after the holidays. Use it in the kitchen, as an herb planter, or a desktop organizer.
5x 5 x 5”
Box, plastic insert, and tray