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Onyx Jewel Box with Alfresco Amaryllis Bulb


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Alfresco Holiday Amaryllis in an exclusive for Gardenuity, Onyx planter, by Claire Crowe Collections.

Claire Crowe, a designer known for her exquisite stone work, has created an exclusive planter for Gardenuity out of white onyx. Rich and real, the onyx is the perfect jewel to style up your space. This beautiful, translucent onyx planter is the perfect way to showcase your holiday Alfresco White amaryllis flower, or your favorite house plant or herb throughout the year.

Gardenuity is thrilled to introduce the Alfresco Amaryllis grown in South Africa. This special bulb will present 4-6 beautiful blooms.


Alfresco Bulb
Average bloom size – 5.75 in.
Stem length – 14 in.
Onyx planter – 6”w x 6”h 
Onyx Box
Handcrafted onyx box 4 ¾ L x 4 ¾ W x 3 ½ H