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12 x 12 Organic Seed Square

Organic Genovese Basil Seeds


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Our Seed Squares are biodegradable. To use, simply place entire seed square atop the soil and cover with a 1/2 inch of soil. Water daily to keep moist until germination occurs. As the paper disintegrates into the soil, the seeds will be watered into the soil with ideal spacing.

A little spicy and a little sweet, Genovese basil's famously bright flavor transforms any afternoon into a dreamy day in a quaint Italian town. This is the sweetest variety of the basil plants and is notorious for being the base of your favorite pesto.

Plant Details

  • Organic Mixed Basil Seeds
  • 12” x 12” Biodegradable Square
  • Harvest in 40 – 60 days
  • Needs 6 – 8 hours of sun
Organic seed square

Organic Seed Square

Harvest days

Harvest in 40-60 days


Needs 4-8 hours of full or partial sun

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