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Farm Grown Blueberry Plant

Blue Suede Blueberry Plant


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Blue Suede™ produces an abundance of delicious, edible berries in the summer. Blue Suede™ blueberry plants offer a compact growing habit with abundant white flowers favored by beneficial pollinators. This blueberry is special for many reasons, including its large, juicy fruits that ripen early in the season! It is also a self-fertile variety, meaning it does not need to cross pollinate with other plants to set fruit. That makes this an exceptional plant for your Gardenuity garden.

Blueberries are a native shrub along the east coast United States. Traditionally planted in the garden and landscape, blueberries will grow into shrubs over a period of several years. Our goal at Gardenuity is to offer you a unique and meaningful harvest from your patio. 'Blue Suede' will thrive in your grow bag for up to 1 year. At that time, we recommend ordering a refresher kit or transplanting it into the ground so you can enjoy it as a permanent garden specimen.

“Wishing you all the best in your journey as a Gardenuity Gardener.” ~ Brie

Plant Details

· Blue Suede, Southern Highbush Blueberry – Gardeners Confidence Collection®

· Farm grown in 8” pots

· Harvest ready in 45-60 days; Can be harvested multiple times over fruiting season

· Needs 6 – 8 hours of full or partial sun

Ships Monday through Wednesday directly from our farm partner via FedEx 2-day shipping.


8" Farm Grown Plant

Harvest days

Harvest Ready in 45-60 days


Needs 6-8 hours of full or partial sun

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