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Garden Inspired Gifts

Desktop Tea Brewer WIth Organic Chocolate Tea


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Black loose leaf tea with coconut flakes, peppermint leaves, chocolate and caramel natural flavors. The perfect way to drift away for just a moment with no calorie guilt.

The 11 oz stoneware mug makes brewing the perfect cup of tea easy. The mug comes with a matching lid and stainless-steel mesh infuser.

All Gardenuiteas are inspired by magnificent gardens around the world - places where your senses are heightened by the visual beauty and scent of the surrounding flowers. Every cup will take you on a journey of delight. Presented in a resealable pouch of loose tea for superior freshness. 20-30 servings per bag. Perfect served hot or cold.


2 oz per bag
Blended in the USA
Loose Leaf Tea
11 oz stoneware orange mug