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Outdoor Garden Refresh Kit with Farm Started Herbs

Refresh Kit with Cocktail Herb Plants


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Keep your grow bag and soil, and we’ll send you everything you need to refresh your garden in this Cocktail Herb Garden Refresh Kit. A patio of any size is prime for entertaining, and a place to gather for cocktails. With these herbs on hand, your best patio party days are ahead of you. The cocktail herb garden ships with a seasonal collection of four fresh herbs ready to plant and delight upon arrival while providing a continual harvest throughout the season. Our current collection includes Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, and two Mint (varieties vary) plants.

In Your Kit

  • 4 plants, directly from the farm to you
  • Plants ship in 4" diam. pots 
  • Custom Compost Foundation
  • Two Coir Tiles – yields 2-3 gallons of planting media
  • Soil Primer
  • Triple Blend Fertilizer
  • Micronutrient Liquid Feeds
  • Gardenuity Spray Bottle
  • Gardenuity Guarantee
  • Grow Pro Membership
  • Harvest in 1-2 weeks

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