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Complete MoGrow Garden Kit


Not available in your location right now

Have your own favorite independent grower? Increase your success with our entire kit (less the seeds or plants). Send us a note about what you plan to plant, and we will even add you to our Grow Pro Support including weather alerts for free! Talk about Bounty!!

In Your Kit

  • Portable & reusable 7 gallon grow bag
  • Custom Foundation Compost (1 gallon) 
  • 3 Coir Tiles - expand to 4-5 gallons of total growing media
  • Soil Primer
  • Triple Blend Fertilizer
  • Micro Nutrients
  • PH Toner for your location
  • 30-day & 60-day feedings
  • Free Grow Pro Support
  • Free Weather alerts once you notify us of what you intend to grow
  • Plants and seeds not included

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