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Complete Garden Kit with Plants

Auto-Immune Friendly Herb Garden


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An autoimmune-friendly herb garden, by request. Thanks to all of the Gardenuity AIP fans, we now have a special garden growing just for you. A complete patio garden full of seasonal herbs. The garden will have you harvesting fresh herbs all season long. Gardenuity makes growing your own fresh herbs and veggies accessible to everyone and fun for the new and experienced gardeners alike. Adding your own harvest to your recipes is your moment to shine. Your herb garden will be customized by zip code, local weather, and will arrive with everything your herbs need to thrive throughout the season.

Included in your kit is your grow bag (the perfect container for your garden to thrive all season long), customized compost, plant feedings and so much more. Plus, you will be supported with the full Gardenuity Grow Pro support team to help you navigate the growing experience. We are even adding the herbs! They are coming to you fully rooted, farm-started, and GMO free. These healthy plants will thrive with the customized garden system. The Gardenuity garden system combines the efforts of horticulturists, soil engineers, farm partners, and plant nutritionists with intuitive technology to simplify the container gardening experience just for you. \


  • Grow Bag, reusable growing container 
  • Coir Planting Media 
  • Compost 
  • Plant Nutrients 
  • 30 Day Feeding 
  • Grow Pro Support 
  • Six Seasonal Herbs Plants 

Herbs arrive ready for their first harvest.

Needs 4-6 hours of full sun a day.