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Culinary Herb Garden Kit with Plants - Goody

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The complete Culinary Herb Garden. Both your plant collection and customized garden kit will ship for free direct to your door.

Long considered nature’s most treasured gift, herbs have been playing a big part in kitchens, offices, homes and lives for centuries. They bring a myriad of practical uses, and having fresh herbs at the ready is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you are harvesting a mint leaf for your iced tea or a bunch of rosemary to put in your floral bouquet, herbs bring a freshness to any space. Gardenuity makes having fresh herbs in abundance simple and seamless for the experienced and novice gardener.

The scent and beauty of an herb garden will add ambiance to your patio, porch, fire escape or balcony. As the seasons change, so do the fresh herb choices. Knowing you dont have to have a sprawling backyard, spacious garden beds, or loads of time to enjoy the many benefits that fresh herbs bring to your world makes the experience even better.

If you have a location outside that receives five or more hours of daily sun, your garden is positioned for lush growth. The Herb Garden comes with everything you need for a complete, healthy herb garden. We are all about gardening success, and an herb garden is a great way to get started.
The Herb Garden includes:

  • Portable & reusable 5 gallon grow bag embroidered with "Herb Garden"
  • 4-6 fully rooted Culinary herb plants matched to your location and season
  • Foundation Compost (1 gallon) 
  • Coir - expands to 3-4 gallons of total growing media
  • Soil Primer
  • Micro Nutrients
  • PH Toner
  • 30-day & 60-day feeding
  • Seasonal Grow Pro Membership

Gardenuity is a modern way to experience the joys of gardening and the I Grew That feeling. Its a way to engage you in fresh wellness and culinary ideas that you might not have tried had you not grown them yourself.

Customer Reviews:

"I love to garden but usually just put my herbs in bigger pots with nice potting soil . This was a bit more like science class! It was fun and very thoughtful Christmas gift from my sons girlfriend -Robyn, TN

With our new home schooling adventure this will add some fun! Martha

We love the herbs. Our fav recipes to make are guacamole with the chives, and a creamy mussels pasta dish using the parsley- Elisabeth, TX

I live in an apartment with a Juliet balcony. This is such a cool idea, very excited to make my first purchase - Anon, TX

I received the freeze email alert yesterday which was so helpful! Love you guys! - Kim, TX
Your herb garden includes a season of Grow Pro membership. Grow Pro offers a world of benefits designed to make your gardening experience better. You will receive weather alerts to tell you if you need to move your garden inside and interesting ways to enjoy your fresh harvests - recipes, harvesting tips and more. 
Garden Weather Alerts
Harvest Guidance
On-Call support from a Grow Pro expert
Seasonal Recipes
Watering tips
Wellness Advice