Herb Garden Kit
Square Foot Container Garden, Gardening Kit, Free 2-4 Day Delivery
First harvest can be expected in the first 10-14 days.

Free Garden Delivery, arrives in 2-4 days. Start growing in just 30 minutes, and join thousands of Gardenuity Growers today!
100% Grow Guaranteed
Gardenuity Custom Garden Kits include everything needed for a successful grow:
Portable & Reusable 5 Gallon Grow Bag
Foundation Compost
Coir - Expands To 3-4 gallons of total growing media
Soil Primer
Micro Nutrients
PH Toner
30 & 60 Day Feedings
Garden Kit Size: One Square Foot 12x12x12
A season of Grow Pro - 24/7 Gardening Support
How do I get started?
Gardenuity takes the guess work out of gardening. The Herb Garden Kit is designed for everyone: First time, novice and master gardeners.

Our Garden Kits are preloaded with everything you need to grow along with the correct peppers & herbs matched to your current grow season.
Order online and Gardenuity Match will "Match" you to the perfect plant collection with the highest success rate based on current weather.
Garden kit and plants are tailored and delivered for you
Setup the garden in 30-40 minutes with easy-to-follow instructions in print or through video
Grow Pro will keep you updated on ways to enjoy your harvests and celebrate the flavors of the season
Gardenuity Match Technology
We customize each individual garden to your current location, for the best grow experience!

All the plants are carefully curated to be perfect additions to your garden kit.

Each plant collection is pulled based on the results of our match algorithm. Using predictive analytics, Gardenuity Match makes recommendations on plant choices. Match uses location services and only shows relevant results to your current location.
Old Way
Overwhelmed and confused by information
Generic compost and nutrients, and growing advice
Plants selected based on availability not climate and location
Unnecessary chemicals added to soil to try and make a garden suitable for your plants
No support to help once you get home
New Way
Custom garden kit and nutrient needs
Exactly the right amount, no waste
Garden kit and plant collection matched to your growing location and each other
The perfect garden created for your plants to thrive
Custom content matched to your garden and growing climate to answer any questions you may have
A team of Grow Pro experts to get you the harvest results you deserve
Thousands of happy growers and millions of harvests
Old Way
Garden Kit & Plant Collection Matched To Your Geo Location
A Team of Grow Pro Experts To Get You The Harvest Results You Deserve
Made For The Planet - No Excess Waste
Suitable For All Ages & Experience Levels
Grow Guarantee
Thousands of Happy Growers and Millions of Harvests
What You Need To Know:
Garden Kit Setup in 30 minutes or Less
Only Requires 5.5 Hours of Sunlight
Size: Square Foot 12x12, ideal for any size outdoor space:
Patio or porch
First Harvest in 10-14 days
20-30 Harvests Per Season
Portable embroidered Grow Bag made of breathable microfiber fabric that will help keep your plant roots healthy and happy. Your plants will grow the entire season in the grow bag and the grow bag is reusable.
Foundation Compost specifically blended for the season
Coir Compressed coconut husks that will expand with water
Triple Blend Micronutrients
Primer Oo get your roots primed for growth
30-day Plant nutrients boosting only the elements that your plant collection needs
60-day Plant nutrients
Hydro Boost Mulch
Outdoor Garden Kit
Container Size: Cubic Foot 12x12x12
100% Grow Guarantee - If your plants don't arrive fresh or if they are not thriving in their new garden in the first 10 days - reach out to Grow Pro and we'll get you a fresh set of plants shipped out - NO COST!
Your plants and garden kit ship separately. When your plants arrive, remove them from the box and check to see if the plants are thirsty. If so, give them some water. Place the plants in a sunny spot until you are ready to put them into their forever home. Setting up your Grow Bag garden is simple; you can follow along with the written instructions or a video tutorial. It takes about 30 minutes.
WATERING - Your garden will need to be watered 3-4 times per week, preferably in the morning.
FEEDING - Your kit includes all the nutrients your garden will need to thrive throughout the growing season. Nutrients at the time of planting + a 30-day and 60-day nutrient pack.
SUNLIGHT - Your garden will thrive in the sunshine and needs 6-8 hours of sun every day. When temperatures soar over 90 degrees we encourage you to position your garden to receive morning sunshine and afternoon shade.
HARVESTING - You can enjoy your first herb harvest 10 days to 2 weeks after planting. Your Herbs can continue to be harvested over the following weeks. Your peppers will be ready to harvest in 45 - 55 days after planting.
You have all the support you need throughout the growing season with Grow Pro. You can reach out directly to GrowPro.com at any time. Grow Pro will also send you information about your garden, care tips, harvesting information, recipes, and how to let your garden be part of your well-being practice.
Yes, a fully grown plant collection is included in your garden.
Your garden is approximately 1 cubic foot. The grow bags are stand alone containers and sit directly on a patio, porch or in your yard.
Yes. Your garden will grow in the grow bag throughout the season and the grow bag is reusable and can be refreshed for the next season.
Yes, the Herb Garden Kit is an outdoor garden. It can be moved inside for brief periods of inclement weather if forecasted.
The foundation is a proprietary blended rich compost; the perfect foundation for your plants to thrive throughout the growing season.
Your garden kit will arrive in approximately 2-4 business days and your plants will arrive in 4-6 business days. They are shipped directly to you from one of our farm partners.
Gardening isn't just about making the harvest; caring for your garden does wonders for your overall well-being. Science shows that connecting with nature has a huge impact on our overall health and wellness. With everyday stresses, gardening experiences help renew our physical bodies and support our mental and social well-being. For more information on the well-being benefits of gardening Your Guide To Holistic Wellness Through Gardening.
Today we are seen as a gardening company but in our DNA we are a wellness company that connects the benefits of gardening to well-being. As Gardenuity has grown, we have learned just how important it is to get a little dirty and how fun it can be sharing “I grew that” moments. We are a team committed to using only ingredients that either directly benefit the health of the plants or the soil and support the integrity of the growing experience. Plants' needs change depending on the season, the temperature, and where we are in the world. Before we started Gardenuity, we both appreciated gardening, technology, and how both could benefit overall wellness. We brought the two together in Gardenuity.

Our mission is the ethos of all we do, making gardens and gardening experiences accessible to everyone- no matter where they live, work, or play. We are reimagining well-being through gardening experiences. We started Gardenuity as two best friends who wanted to change the world and grow gratitude. Gardening experiences grow gratitude and wellness.
Gardenuity Match drives the entire growing experience. It matches plants to people based on several attributes including time it will take the plants to be ready for harvest, the season, the farm partner to the perfect companion plants, the nutrients needed for each plant to thrive, and to content that is specific to you.

Match leverages our tech + human curated process to match plants with the right things they need to thrive. Match uses a priority matchmaking algorithm that leverages AI, using predictive analytics to help determine what plants will match to you for the highest success rate. The intersection of technology and gardening is not new but the technological innovations behind Gardenuity Match are.
We guarantee your plants will arrive happy, healthy, and ready to grow. We even partner with FedEx and UPS, and ship 2-day to ensure safe travels and healthy arrival. Make sure to unpack immediately on delivery and plant within 24hrs of arrival.