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Paperwhite Desktop Garden with Gardenuity Hand Lotion Gift Set

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Be the Gift Giving Hero with the Paperwhite Desktop Garden Gift Set.

The Paperwhite Narcissus, is a favorite for its beautiful fragrant white blooms and ease of growing.  Soon after planting the Paperwhites showcase clusters of sweet, scented, white flowers on top of slender stalks. The blooms last for a few weeks and the planter will last for many seasons to come.

The Paperwhite Garden Gift Set includes our Camellia Leaf & Honey Hand Cream. Our luxurious formula nourishes, protects and revitalizes the skin. Enriched with aloe, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil, this smooth, lightly scented cream is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Shea butter deeply moisturizes and revitalizes. Honey nurtures while camellia helps to maintain skin elasticity. It's the perfect hand cream to carry in your handbag, keep in your kitchen or on your bedside table. Apply as often as needed.

Caring for your Paperwhites is simple, and the Paperwhite Desktop Garden Kit includes everything you need for a successful growing season.

The Desktop Garden kit includes

  • 3 Paperwhite Bulbs
  • Custom blended Soil
  • Green Aeration Mat
  • Bamboo Planter, coaster, and plant liner
  • Horticultural Sand
  • Orange Watering Scoop
  • Moss
  • Plant Stakes and Plant Clips
  • Grow Pro Support