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Complete Indoor Herb Kit with Farm Fresh Herb



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First, you'll be bowled over by the musky-spicy aroma. Then, you'll be floored by its deep complex flavor. Astringent and woody, these leaves are elegant, savory additions to stews, pastas, and meat dishes. Variety is purple, common, or golden depending on farm availability.


  • Farm fresh, ready to harvest herb plant
  • Bamboo Planter
  • Micro-Nutrient Root Boost
  • Weekly Recipes

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Organic plant

Farm Grown Herb

Harvest days

Ready to harvest upon arrival


Enjoys 6+ hours of full or partial sun

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Month herb add on plan

Add on 2 months of fresh flavor!


Month herb add on plan

Add on 5 months of fresh flavor!


Month herb add on plan

Add on 11 months of herb deliveries and enjoy a whole year of freshness!

Your herb plant and planter fly in straight from the farm ready to delight. Each order starts with the best farm partners in America growing healthy herbs ensuring our customers get maximum value from each InBox of herb delivery. Just add sunshine, a little bit of water, and some creative inspiration on how to use your herb harvest from day one.