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Our mission is to bring you the joy of saying, "I Grew That!"

We believe everyone—parent, chef, urbanite, and gardening rookie—should experience the fun of growing their own garden. So we've made it easy, fun, and accessible with our personalized container gardens, curated and customized for each customer, ensuring they have a successful growing experience. It's our mission to change the way people view gardening by combining technology and custom ingredients with the personal touch of seasoned Grow Pro experts. The Gardenuity experience is not merely custom and curated - it's personalized to you. We are here to help you save time, grow great gardens, and experience the thrill of saying, "I grew that!" 

It’s no secret we’re all about growth. Co-founders, Donna Letier and Julie Eggers created Gardenuity to bring ingenuity and freshness to the gardening industry and experience. "We're proud to work with a passionate team of Grow Pro partners, marketers, farmers, horticulturists, and engineers across the U.S. They are smart, motivated and bring the growing experience to life for customers across the country."

Meet the founders



Favorite Veggie: Carrots

Donna is co-founder and CEO. An unabashed creative optimist, she’s the one with the ideas and the vision, and she makes them happen.



Favorite Veggie: Corn & Tomatoes
(i.e. Chips & Salsa)

Julie is a co-founder and COO. Essentially, she connects the dots and oversees business operations.

Gardenuity co-founders Donna Letier and Julie Eggers' story began with the desire to bring ingenuity to the entire growing experience. Discovering, researching, sourcing, and building a really healthy container garden takes time that most people don't have. So what happens? People are reluctant to give gardening a try.

Gardenuity (Gardening meets Ingenuity) is changing the narrative for home gardening. Inviting people to grow their own garden of fresh flavors - from beets, lettuce, garlic and tomatoes to herbs - Gardenuity is bringing successful gardening experiences to men and women coast to coast.

Meet the team



Favorite Veggie: Serrano Pepper

Ed is the head of technology. He’s in charge of developing all technology so Gardenuity can grow without any limitations.



Favorite Veggie: Cilantro

Brie is VP of Horticulture. Anything to do with plants and dirt—variety selection, connecting farm partners, even planting advice—is her thing.



Favorite Veggie: Sweet Potato

She’s our Merchandise Manager. Chelsea’s in charge of managing our gardening goods, including the stuff we send you and the stuff we’re not sending out yet.



Favorite Veggie: Herbs

Lula makes sure Gardenuity grows happy plants and even happier customers. She leads the Grow Pro® Partners, and her knowledge and attention to customer happiness is a delight to all who meet her.



Favorite Veggie: Lavender

Taylor is our visual lead. With her camera and brilliant design mind, she makes everyone and everything— people, products, emails, and more—look absolutely incredible.



Favorite Veggie: Tomatoes

She does the word stuff. She’s been happily picking Gardenuity’s words from the get-go, and runs the Gardenuity blog, The Sage.



Favorite Veggie: Swiss Chard

Ashley is our UX designer. In other words, she meticulously designs our website so you can get from home page to check-out with ease and satisfaction.



Favorite Veggie: Cole

Cole is our newest intern extraordinaire, which means he’s got an eye on everything growing at Gardenuity — from marketing, to packaging, to research, to social media.



Favorite Veggie: Radishes, Lettuce, Basil, Carrots

Adam, Andrew, Alexander, and Laura Lynn are the Gardenuity Intern team extraordinaire. They're builders, engineers, programers, organizers, and full-time students. Their collective brain power is mind-blowing.

We're growing

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