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Tomato + Basil Plants

Tomato Basil Plant Collection


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This sweet and stunning combo maximizes your Gardenuity garden like no other. Basil is known to sweeten the flavor of tomatoes not to mention the delight Basil gives in so many culinary classics. You're bound for growing success (and sweet, complex flavors) with this collection. Your collection includes one tomato plant bred specially for containers. We send either the Patio or other container tomato based on farm availability. The basil collection is an assortment of 3-5 basil plants selected to do well in your zip code.

Plant the tomato in the center of the Grow Bag and surround it with the basil plants. You’ll begin harvesting basil in 2-3 weeks, and your tomatoes will produce in 45-60 days. Ah the taste of Summer!

Plant Details

  • Collection of 6 fully-rooted plants
  • Grown in 3”w x 4”h pots
  • Harvest ready in 14 – 60 days
  • Needs 6 – 8 hours of full or partial sun

Ships Monday through Wednesday directly to you via FedEx 2-day shipping.


6 Farm Started Plants

Harvest days

Harvest in 14 & 50 days


Needs 6-8 hours of full or partial sun

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