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Tomato Plant with Assortment Herbs

Fall Tomato + Herb Collection


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It’s time to plant your fall tomatoes! The goal of planting tomatoes in the summer is to nurse the plants until the temperatures drop in early fall, at which point the tomato plants will be ready to begin producing fruit. In the fall, the soil warmed by the summer sun encourages strong root growth that allows the tomatoes to produce fruit before the first frost. The Fall Tomato + Herb Plant Collection includes fully rooted plants, both a tomato and seasonal herbs.

This collection includes 4-6 fully-rooted, sustainably grown tomato and herb plants, straight from our Farm Partners to you, our Growers. This collection includes companion herbs chosen to enhance the growth and flavor of your tomato, while also deterring unwanted pests. To make sure our Growers have a rewarding experience growing beautiful gardens, our Farm Partners ship their healthiest plants available from the collection using Gardenuity’s Match System to determine which plants will grow best specific to your city’s current growing season.

Plant Details

  • Collection of 1-2 fully-rooted Assorted Vegetable Plants and 4-5 companion Herb Plants
  • Seasonal plants specific to your location’s current growing season
  • Plants selected to grow easily in a square foot container. We recommend growing your plants in our Garden Kit, which is an all-in-one collection of everything your plants need for proper aeration and nutrients.
  • Harvest ready in 2 – 3 months. Herbs are ready to harvest immediately
  • Needs 4 – 8 hours of full or partial sun in your outdoor space
  • Needs regular morning watering to grow and thrive

Ships Monday through Wednesday directly to you via FedEx 2-day shipping so plants are fresh, fluffy, and ready to plant on arrival.


4-6 Farm Sprouted Plants

Harvest days

Harvest herbs immediately, tomatoes in 60-90 Days


Needs 4-8 hours of outdoor full or partial sun

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