Wax-Dipped Amaryllis Bulb Subscription

Each season, these floral beauties go quick! Now you can make sure you never run out of gorgeous blooms with our Wax-Dipped Amaryllis Bulb Subscription! Every other month (with the exception of July & August), receive one of the best from our seasonal waxed bulb collection. These indoor flowers are an easy way to add some natural beauty to any desk, dining table, or kitchen counter. Colorful and self-sustaining, our Waxed Bulbs make the perfect gift for colleagues, family, and friends, (or yourself).

  • Receive 6 wax bulbs throughout the year
  • Wax + bloom colors will vary
  • Blooms within 4-6 weeks on average
  • No watering or planting required

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  • An indoor flower that feeds and waters itself! Everything the amaryllis bulb needs to thrive is contained within its wax-dipped shell. That means no soil, watering, or special nutrients required to bloom. Our Seasonal Wax-Dipped Amaryllis Bulbs are an easy way to add some nature and beauty to any home or office. Raised on a family-owned farm in Peru and then finished in custom wax in the USA, each of our Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs will produce several beautiful blooms.

    • Guaranteed to bloom

    • Oversized, colorful, and self-sustaining

    • Each bulb will begin to bloom 3-6 weeks after delivery

    • Each bulb will bloom on average 2-3 times

    An Amaryllis Care Guide is included with each shipment so the bulb can be enjoyed beyond its initial blooms.

  • Bloom throughout the year! The subscription includes 6 waxed bulbs per year and free shipping.

    Reserve the best of our seasonal waxed bulb collections and receive a new bulb every other month! 

    With the 6 Wax-Dipped Amaryllis Bulbs Subscription, you will always have blooms on hand. Every two months (with the exception of July and August), you or your gift recipient will receive one new waxed bulb, making it easy to always have fresh blooms on display. 

    Gifting a Waxed Amaryllis Subscription is undoubtedly a delightful experience that not only brightens our living spaces, but also brings joy and a constant source of beauty to our everyday. Receiving a new bulb fosters a sense of anticipation and surprise throughout the year – an act of self-love and a gift that keeps growing!

    *Bloom color, wax color, and size will vary based on seasonal availability.

  • Items usually ship within 2-4 business days.

    Please Note: Due to high order volume during the holidays, please allow up to 6 business days for your item(s) to ship. If you need your order sooner, please send us an email or contact us here and we will do our best to help!

    We are a small business and appreciate your understanding, patience, and support. 

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