wherever you are

Complete Container Gardens of vegetables and herbs - a fresh approach to gardening.


Each with their own flavor – all designed to give you the “I grew that” feeling.


Grow your own Caprese Garden wherever you live, and the benefits you will reap will extend way beyond the harvest


Connect your body & mind with a little dirt. See how easy it is to keep growing with the Gardenuity subscriptions.

Why Gardenuity

Because we take the risk out of gardening, no matter where you live or what experience you have.
It’s a way to connect to what is good and fun – to engage your senses and grow something more than just a garden.

Great gardens

The Experience

Gardenuity is more than a garden, it’s a way to experience the good that comes with having your own garden on your patio, porch, or balcony. We bring together the well-being that comes from gardening with the realities of urban life.

Great gardens

Giftable Garden

Complete custom gardens delivered to people who want to enjoy the benefits that come from growing their own herbs and vegetables. Each garden ships with everything you need including farm started, fully-rooted, live plant collections when you are ready to plant.

Great gardens

The Harvest

We are committed to helping you have a successful harvest with every garden. On your patio, porch, or balcony your garden will grow with ease. Our Grow Pro team will be with you along the way ensuring you enjoy every benefit that comes with the “I Grew That” feeling.

How It Works

Our gardens are perfect for all experience levels. See how easy it is to get growing.

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