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Refresh your space with complete container gardens delivered right to you.

Why we're the best

Smart design, curated components, and concierge support enable you to grow your best garden yet.

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Customized To You

Our complete MoGrow®  garden kit comes to you with everything you need to plant, grow, and harvest a successful garden. MoGrow®  is premium product + personalized service combining the efforts of horticulturists, soil engineers, farm partners, plant nutritionists, personal shoppers and concierge support.

Great gardens

Making Gardening Easy

Gardenuity uses our patent–pending match technology to find the perfect plant for you. We then accurately monitor your garden’s weather conditions to help keep you on track. By making the experience relevant to where your garden is and what you are growing, we provide personalized notifications to guide you through the grow.

Great gardens

Farm Partners Who Care

All our farm partners are premium growers who always do what’s best for the plants. They are involved in our company’s vision and success. We believe they make us better every day.

How It Works

See just how easy it is to get into the “I grew that” feeling.

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