Growing Greatness

Our mission is simple - we make gardening accessible to everyone. It is a place to nurture and be nurtured.

Donna Letier


Great gardens

Where We Started

We started Gardenuity to change the way people garden successfully at home, to invite everyone to give gardening a try. Our gardens and matching technology have set the standard for the industry and inspired a whole new group of garden enthusiasts. The feeling of growing your own herbs and vegetables is life changing. We knew from the very beginning we wanted to make that possible for everyone. People are brought together by growing good and that undeniable joy with each “I grew that” moment. We believe in the joy of being rooted; the magic that happens hand in dirt, grounding us. We believe food you grow tastes better, fresher. Maybe it’s because your taste buds are awakened, like your mind. Or maybe it’s because you know you did it yourself. Because it’s not just plants that are growing It’s you.

Great gardens


By working with the smartest horticulturists, weather experts, farm partners, plant nutritionists, and soil engineers, and by listening to our customers, our gardens deliver better gardening experiences for you and the plants that are growing. Quite simply, everything you and your garden needs and nothing you don’t. Our gardens are built with the plant needs in mind. The kits are thoughtful, with features that solve real garden challenges and premium materials.

Great gardens


Each garden collection is built with plants and people in mind. The gardens are simple to put together, and each garden is customized based on the season, plant and your location. This saves you frustration, time and money. Our grow bags are reusable and seamlessly move from season to season. Our Grow Pro team makes the process and experience easy for the novice or master gardener. We’re your partner from the beginning through each harvest

Great gardens


Everyone on our team is involved in our company’s vision and success. We believe the many and varied voices that contribute to Gardenuity strengthen us and improve the growing experience. "Food gardening in plain sight, bringing fresh garden ideas to patios, porches and conversations across the country." Brie Arthur VP Horticulture Gardenuity