We are driven by purpose

We believe the Gardenuity experience starts the minute
you discover us.

We learn to grow every day, together

We are one team. The way we succeed is by growing together and sharing lessons along the way. We embrace a growth mindset. We strive to make everyone from team members and customers to partners and beyond feel like we are all part of the garden. We’re passionate about our community and are devoted to their success. We are driven by purpose. We believe and practice ingenuity every day.

Donna Letier

Co-Founder and CEO of Gardenuity

Where we started

We started Gardenuity as a way to ensure everyone could experience the well-being that comes from gardening - wherever they live, work, and play. It’s grown a lot since we started! Our gardens and matching technology are inspiring a whole new group of garden enthusiasts.

Where we are today

Today we have celebrated over 3 million harvests across the country and have helped thousands of desktop gardens thrive. By bringing together the smartest horticulturists, weather experts, retailers, farm partners, plant nutritionists, and soil engineers, and by listening to our customers, we have grown gardens and gardeners.

Getting dirty for good

The intersection between gardening and well-being is happening in real time, and we are at the epicenter. We launched Gardenuity to help individuals, companies, and communities improve their well-being through gardening and demystifying the collective delusion that you must have experience, a lot of time, and a lot of space to garden.