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Gardenuity’s Match® Technology

Our Match® Technology customizes each garden to your location so you and your plants will have the perfect growing experience. We match you with a collection of plants based on the current season, your forecasted weather, the plants’ needs, and the garden's location. Our patent-pending Match Technology takes the guesswork out of growing, so each experience grows success.

Container garden kits customized,
matched and delivered

Our Outdoor Garden Kit is the perfect DIY container garden for porch, patio, balcony, or yard. Each garden is a square foot and grows in a reusable + portable grow bag.

  • A reusable + portable square foot grow bag designed
    for optimal aeration, mobility + root growth
  • Natural coconut coir blocks washed with calcium for
    added nutritional benefits for the plants
  • Seasonal Grow Pro membership with on-call support,
    gardening guidance + weather alerts
  • Soil foundation + primer to create a custom compost
    blend that enhances plant growth
  • Plant nutrition: Serum customized for each garden to
    feed your plants + keep your soil thriving
  • Made sustainably – no excess waste for you or the planet

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