Tea for Two Garden Gift Set with Tea Brewer Mugs

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Tea party, anyone? With a step-by-step guide for growing and enjoying fresh herbs at home, the Tea for Two Garden Gift Set makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys trying new tea blends or even making their own herbal infusions. The included tea mugs make it easy to brew a soothing and restorative cup of tea using fresh ingredients from their own garden.

  • Free Gift With Purchase: 2 tea brewer mugs
  • Includes a Garden Code to redeem plants
  • First herb harvest 10-14 days after planting!

*Plants may vary from the images based on freshness & seasonal availability.

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Get Growing Guarantee


1 sq ft, ideal for any outdoor space!


5 Gallon Stitched Grow Bag with Handles – Portable + Reusable!


4-6 Herb Plants matched to your gift recipient*


Grow Bag, Coir, Custom Foundation, Mister Spray Bottle, Plant Nutrients, Garden Code to Redeem Plants, Two Tea Brewer Mugs


Weather alerts, watering + feeding reminders, harvest help, seasonal recipes, on-call support, and more!

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Let’s get down to the

  • The Tea for Two Garden Gift Set with Tea Brewer Mugs comes with everything your gift recipient will need to “spill the tea” and start their own garden, plus a code to redeem a collection of pre-paid herb plants! Whether it is for your best friend, mother, or boss, our tea garden gift set is perfect for anyone who loves a warm cup of tea. Enjoying a hot cup of tea is even better when it’s made from herbs harvested from your own garden!

    • Our reusable grow bags have handles, making the garden easy to move around.

    • Each garden kit includes a collection of fully rooted herb plants matched to your gift recipient.

    • Your recipient can redeem their plant collection for free whenever they want!

  • 1. Once your garden kit arrives, you can redeem your plant collection whenever you’re ready to get growing! Simply fill out the Redeem Your Plants form and a Grow Pro team member will reach out and match you with the perfect plants for you to get growing now. (They will also make sure you are all set up to receive your Grow Pro perks!) Your prepaid plants will then ship for free from one of our farm partners and be delivered directly to your door.

    2. Once your plants arrive, unpack them immediately and check their soil. If it is dry to the touch, place your plants in a shallow dish of water and let them soak up the water they need. Then leave them in a sunny spot until you are ready to plant them in the grow bag. Ideally, your plants should be planted within 24-48 hours after arrival.

    3. Setting up your garden is simple and generally takes 30-40 minutes from start to finish. Printed instruction cards are included in each kit, or you can follow along with the provided video tutorial.


    SUNLIGHT: The Tea Garden will need 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.

    When temperatures are over 90 degrees, we encourage you to move your garden into a shady spot. If the temperatures are forecasted to dip below 36 degrees, you may want to move your garden inside and away from the cold.

    WATER: Water your garden 4-5 times per week. Checking on your garden every morning is encouraged!

    FEEDING: Once per week, use your Gardenuity Herb Serum and misting bottle to feed + nourish your plants.

    HARVESTING: You can begin harvesting herbs 10-14 days after planting.

    *Full harvesting + plant care guidelines will be sent to you as part of your Grow Pro® experience.

  • The Tea Garden Gift Set is shipped with everything needed to start an outdoor container garden and have a successful growing season! When you give a Gardenuity garden, your gift recipient will receive the complete garden kit along with a Garden Code to redeem their fully rooted plant collection. When they are ready to get growing, they simply fill out the Redeem Your Plants form and their plants will be matched to them and sent from one of our farm partners.

    The garden gift set will include:

    2 Tea Brewer Mugs – Two 11 oz. stoneware mugs that make brewing the perfect cup of tea easy. Includes a matching orange lid and stainless steel mesh infuser. (Mugs are dishwasher safe.) 

    5 Gallon Reusable Grow Bag (with handles!) made of breathable microfiber fabric that will help keep your plants' roots healthy + happy. Your plants will grow the entire season in the grow bag. (You can reuse the grow bag for next season, too!)

    Garden Code for Herb Plants – A collection of herb plants will be matched to the season, location, and to your gift recipient. When they are ready to get growing, they can use their Garden Code to redeem their plants. These fully rooted plants are sourced from one of our family-owned farm partners and come with the Gardenuity Get Growing Guarantee.

    Foundation – The Gardenuity Foundation is custom blended seasonal compost. Our soil is full of nutrients for your plants to thrive.

    Coir – Compressed coconut husks that when hydrated will expand and become part of your garden's planting media.

    Soil Primer – A proprietary blend of nutrients designed as the chief dietary supplement to support the growth of soil microbes.

    Triple Blend – A proprietary blend that will support the living organisms in your soil and will aid in balancing the pH of the growing media. Triple Blend brings together carbohydrates, plant proteins, kelp extract, Humate, and a fermentation buffer.

    Gardenuity's Herb Serum – A proprietary blended plant nutrient and soil amendment that will help your plants grow a stronger and healthier root system. Derived from seaweed and humate, the Herb Serum will aid in bringing balance through naturally derived and plant friendly microbes.

  • When shopping for an Outdoor Garden Kit, we match you with the perfect plants for your current growing season and match your plants to their ideal nutrients and soil. Everything is customized so you and your garden will have a season full of harvests!

    Giftable Outdoor Gardens are the best way to gift someone one of our Outdoor Garden Kits because your gift recipient will be able to choose when (and what) they want to plant and grow.

Grow Pro® Support

When you grow with Gardenuity, you have full access to Grow Pro® and the Gardenuity Community. Our team of Grow Pro experts are available to answer your questions and make your growing experience seamless.

  • On-Call Support from our Grow Pro Experts
  • Harvest Help
  • Weather Alerts
  • Watering Tips
  • Wellness Inspiration
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • ... and more!

Gardenuity: the better way to grow

  • Garden Kit + Plant Collection matched to your geolocation
  • Grow Pro Experts to help you harvest results you deserve
  • Made Sustainably - No excess waste for you or the planet
  • Suitable for all ages and experience levels
  • Get growing, guaranteed
  • Join thousands of happy growers!