Ready-to-grow Complete herb & veggies kits

Grow like a pro (even if you're not) with farm fresh plants, custom compost, the right ingredients, and a little guidance.

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A plant match for every patio, porch, and palate.

It doesn’t matter if you live in tropical Florida, sunny Arizona, the high deserts of California, or anywhere in-between. Gardenuity Match is a method of matching plants to people based on locale, current weather, farm inventory, and customer flavor profiles. When you're ready to see what you can plant in your area in the next ten days, simply enter your zip code, and we'll pull garden options for you.

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Our farm partners ship directly to you.

It’s not just about the growing process, it’s about the journey. That’s why our complete live plant kits ship directly from our farm partners (no waiting or wilting in a warehouse somewhere) and only ship Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Organic seed squares ship in 2 business days.

Both veggie and herb kits come with everything you need to get growing—pre-portioned soil, custom compost, plant food, a portable planter, instructions, and Grow Pro™ guidance.

Everyone can do it with a little guidance from grow pro.

Say hello to Gardenuity Grow Pro™. Our Grow Pro service offers growing guidance and is always looking out for your garden. You're automatically registered to get Grow Pro help when you order your MoGrow kit from Gardenuity. Grow Pro will send you notifications about things like what to do during rough weather in your area and what you should expect in various stages of the growing journey.

Everything you need for a homerun harvest.

While we know you'll love every single part of the Gardenuity growing process, harvest time is arguably the best time. If it's herbs you're after, they're ready to harvest as soon as they arrive. Veggies take a little more time to yield, but are oh-so-worth the wait! When you're ready, find curated recipes here.

The dirty details

For outdoor, the Portable Grow Bags are made of a special textile that lets air and water flow properly to provide a strong healthy root system for your plants.

For indoor, our modern Bamboo Planter is designed to showcase your herb beautifully and moves easily from kitchen counter, to desktop, to tabletop.

High-quality coir is compressed into tiles and bricks after it has been washed to remove excess sodium.

Our Custom Compost is specially made to create the perfect pH balanced environment. The blend differs depending on your plant's or seed's needs.

Live plants are all grown in the U.S. and are sustainably sourced from family-run farms.

Organic seed squares are biodegradable, easy to use, and perfectly spaced out to ensure each plant has plenty of room to grow.

Grow guarantee

We said we won't let you fail, and we're keeping our word. If for any reason at all your Gardenuity purchase doesn't get a good start,
we'll send you a new, in-season plant. No questions asked.
Contact, and we'll get you growing again in no time.

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