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Complete Garden Kit with 6 Farm Started Plants

Salad Mix Salad Garden


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Growing your own salad bar of leafy salad mix favorites has never been easier. The Salad Mix Garden comes with 6 fully-rooted, sustainably grown plants flown to you from the farm. The collection includes a seasonal variety of leafy greens perfect for a salad. We let the farm select the most beautiful leafy greens at the time of shipment to ensure you receive the best and healthiest plants available. The kit also ships with customized compost, a grow bag and everything else you need for a homerun harvest.

Easy to grow with continual harvests, this collection will have you enjoying the season of flavors week to week. You also receive complimentary Grow Pro support. 

Gardenuity Grow Pro brings expert advice, personal solutions and inspired ideas to your growing journey. Our Grow Pro partners are ready to help you with gardening advice and product ideas that help you enjoy your new garden even more. Whether it’s a question about changing weather or a challenge with squirrels, we’re up to the task.

In Your Kit

  • 6 plants, directly from the farm to you.
  • Plants ship in 3"w x 4"h pots
  • Pre-portioned soil
  • Portable & reusable "Salad Garden" grow bag
  • Custom Foundation Compost
  • Soil Primer
  • Triple Blend Fertilizer
  • Micro Nutrients specifically formulated for your plants based on the season and location
  • 30-day and 60-day feedings
  • Grow Pro Guidance

Grow pro® features

  • Grow Pro® Partners will personally guide you through your growing experience
  • Personalized weather alerts*
  • Custom garden updates and feeding reminders
  • Introductions to chefs and recipes
  • Harvest help
  • Early access to new farm ready releases

*Weather Alerts. If there’s weather coming your way that will affect your garden, we’ll send you a note on how to make sure your garden survives and thrives.


6 Farm Started Plants

Harvest days

Harvest in 20-30 days


Needs 4-8 hours of full or partial sun

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