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All-In-One Container Garden Growing Kit with Plants

My First Garden Kit with Plants


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Free shipping on your complete My First Garden. Both your plant collection and customized garden kit will ship for free direct to your door.

Studies show that when children garden, they have improved moods, better learning experiences and decreased anxiety. What we know is that kids love playing in the dirt and being a part of growing something good. With Gardenuity, we make the entire experience of gardening simple and seamless for experienced and novice gardeners. My First Garden is designed to introduce the joys of growing to little ones.


My First Garden comes with everything you need to plant, grow, and harvest fresh herbs and vegetables wherever you live.  These outdoor gardens are small, mobile and a wonderful activity to engage your little ones in the joy of growing things they get to eat. If you have a space outside that receives five or more hours of daily sun, your garden can thrive.  The garden kit comes with everything you need for a complete, healthy garden.
Each garden is easy to assemble, suitable for any patio, balcony, sidewalk or backyard, includes fully rooted plant collection, and once planted measures 13” h x 17.”

My First Garden Includes: 
Portable & reusable 7 gallon grow bag embroidered with “My First Garden”
Full plant collection matched to the location and season
Coir – expands to 5-6 gallons of total growing media
Custom Foundation Compost
Soil Primer
Micro Nutrients
pH Toner
30 and 60 day feeding
Seasonal grow Pro Membership 
Gardenuity is a new way to experience the joys of gardening and the “I Grew That” feeling. It is a way to engage little ones in the joys of planting, growing and harvesting.

Grow pro® features

Each My First Garden includes a season of Grow Pro membership. Grow Pro offers a world of benefits designed to make your gardening experience better. You will receive weather alerts to tell you if you need to move your garden inside and interesting ways to enjoy your fresh harvests - recipes, harvesting tips and more. 
Garden Weather Alerts
Harvest Guidance
On-Call support from a Grow Pro expert
Seasonal Recipes
Watering tips
Wellness Advice

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