Cheers Herb Garden Gift Set with Cocktail Garden Sea Salt

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Free Shipping on your complete Giftable Cheers Herb Garden. Your cocktail inspired plant collection and customized cheers garden kit will ship for free direct to your recipient's door.

Inspire the person that inspires you with the gift of growing. When you gift a Gardenuity garden, your gift recipient will receive the complete garden kit with a Match code inside for their fully rooted plant collection. When they are ready to get growing, they simply email GrowPro@gardenuity.com, and their plants will be matched to them and sent from one of our farm partners.

Your gift recipient will love the Gardenuity garden for lots of reasons. First, it is easy to get started and doesn’t require any experience. The gift includes insightful guidance from Grow Pro to ensure your gift recipient is matched to the perfect plants for where they live. Second, when your gift recipient is ready to get growing, they can work directly with a Grow Pro on their plant collection specifics and can choose the timing of their plant delivery.

When you give a Gardenuity Garden, you are giving the gift an unforgettable experience- the experience of growing and harvesting fresh flavors from their very own patio garden.


Friday evening your best friends are coming over to watch the newest Apple+ must see show and you’re feeling extra creative with your Cheers Garden. Full of fresh, seasonal, healthy herbs, grown by you and inspired by mixologists around the world who share your affinity for fun, flavor, and good things. With its assortment of herbs in a small, mobile grow bag, you hope everyone of your guests will be inspired by the flavors at hand.

Looking to add a little extra flavor to your favorite beverage or for the perfect bar accessory? Our new Cheers Garden will elevate your cocktails, mocktails, and bar display with fresh seasonal herbs. The newest, entertaining essential- the Cheers Garden. Mixologists globally have been wooing guests for years with the addition of seasonal herbs to cocktails. Still do. Always will. So, gift to yourself or your BFF the Cheers Garden and celebrate every moment with that little something extra- your “I grew that” bragging rights and knowing every beverage you serve will leave your guests wondering where you learned to make the perfect drink.


What it is.

A garden full of accessories for your favorite cocktail and mocktail that is as fun to grow as it is to share.

Why it’s special.

Everything you need to enjoy the complete gardening experience is included. The reusable grow bag with handles (making it easy to move from patio to party), custom compost, coir, custom nutrients aligned with the plant’s needs, a spray bottle, instructions, and a season of support from the Grow Pro team. Plus, weather alerts helping you to keep your garden growing and safe from unseasonal weather changes.

This mobile, full of inspiration and fresh flavors garden will give you a season to cheer about.

Why we love it.

Because it includes everything you need for a successful gardening experience.

  • Portable & reusable 3 gallon grow bag with handles - embroidered with “Cheers Garden”
  • 4-5 Fully Rooted Cocktail Inspired seasonal herbs matched to your location and season
  • Custom Compost
  • Coir
  • Soil Primer
  • Micro Nutrients
  • 30 day & 60 day feeding
  • Seasonal Grow Pro Membership

Our fully rooted herb plants are grown by farm partners who care. Each plant is carefully grown and cultivated from seed to stem.


  • Companion Herbs that grow well together.
  • Herbs full of nutrients and seasonal flavors.
  • The perfect addition to your favorite beverage.
  • A stylish addition to your bar cart.
  • A gift that will be long celebrated.

Why it Works.

Each seasonal herb brings countless opportunities to enhance the flavor of your favorite beverage.


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Fresh. Fun. Seasonal Flavors.

What makes any cocktail or mocktail better and more festive? A harvest of fresh herbs. Whether you muddle, snip, swipe, or rub, adding fresh seasonal herbs to any cocktail elevates your beverage of choice to a new level.

Cheers to a great deal- to celebrate the arrival of our new Cheers Garden, every Cheers Garden sold through September 11 at midnight will include a Full Size Gardenuity Cocktail Garden Salt.

Our Cocktail Garden Salt is the ideal cocktail glass rimmer, bringing sweet, savory and spicy together. The mineral-rich salt with a coarse texture and bold flavor will enhance your favorite cocktail, mocktail, and appetizer.

Brought to you by those who love it.

*Plants may vary from the images based on freshness & seasonal availability.

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Let’s get down to the

  • When shopping for an Outdoor Garden Kit, we match you with the perfect plants for your current growing season and match your plants to their ideal nutrients and soil. Everything is customized so you and your garden will have a season full of harvests!

    Giftable Outdoor Gardens are the best way to gift someone one of our Outdoor Garden Kits because your gift recipient will be able to choose when (and what) they want to plant and grow.

Grow Pro® Support

When you grow with Gardenuity, you have full access to Grow Pro® and the Gardenuity Community. Our team of Grow Pro experts are available to answer your questions and make your growing experience seamless.

  • On-Call Support from our Grow Pro Experts
  • Harvest Help
  • Weather Alerts
  • Watering Tips
  • Wellness Inspiration
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • ... and more!

Gardenuity: the better way to grow

  • Garden Kit + Plant Collection matched to your geolocation
  • Grow Pro Experts to help you harvest results you deserve
  • Made Sustainably - No excess waste for you or the planet
  • Suitable for all ages and experience levels
  • Get growing, guaranteed
  • Join thousands of happy growers!