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Red Waxed Amaryllis Bulb, Red Bloom


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Oversized, colorful and self-sustaining, our wax-dipped holiday Amaryllis bulb blooms require no planting, watering, or care. Each oversized bulb is guaranteed to bloom.

Holiday blooming favorites. The wax dipped, oversized holiday Amaryllis bulbs are the ideal way to add some holiday style to your desktop, tabletop, and countertop. The Amaryllis is a holiday classic for good reason. According to Greek Mythology, the Amaryllis means determination, love, and beauty. In Europe, it is commonly given as a gift acknowledging great achievement and continued success.

The perfect gift for colleagues, co-workers, family, and friends this holiday season. The oversized amaryllis will typically produce between 8 and 12 blooms.

Blooms within 4-6 weeks on average.

The no water wax amaryllis bulb is dipped in wax and self-contained. No water or care is required for this beautiful bulb to bloom. Each bulb is shipped from cool storage and within a few weeks of arriving, it will begin the bloom. Each bulb will produce one or two flower stalks with 4-6 blooms per stalk.


  • One Wax Dipped Red Amaryllis Bulb - color of wax is red
  • Bloom appears in 4-6 weeks - flower bloom color is RED
  • Each bulb will produce one or two flower stalks with up to four blooms per stalk
  • Self-contained, no care, water or work needed
  • All moisture and nutrients are inside the bulb
  • Holland Bulb
  • 4” x 4” dia. pre-bloom
  • Do not plant
  • Do not remove red wax from outside of the bulb