We see new growers harvesting fresh greens or herbs and feeling empowered, telling all their friends, 'I grew that!
Donna Letier

About us

Great gardens

A shared passion for growing

Years ago, Donna Letier and Julie Eggers realized they shared a passion for helping people grow. Donna, from the retail world, and Julie, from operations, met casually and became fast friends. The two women understand the desire to have fun, valuable, and healthy experiences, and they know that growing fresh herbs and veggies is the perfect way to custom-create these experiences. Letier said, “Everyone has an innate desire to grow, whether it’s a bank account, a healthy child, happy home, or a new business. And what better way to help others truly experience the joy of growing than through the garden?”

Great gardens

Ready to change the world

As two fearless women with full-time jobs, full-time families, and full-time responsibilities, they are ready to change the world. They're 50+, but they're refusing to settle. Literally, they are only growing. Donna and Julie are focused on changing the way people grow herbs and veggies at home, because they think that the joy of home gardening should be accessible, easy, and successful for everyone.

Great gardens

Making the growing experience possible for everyone, everywhere

Donna and Julie started Gardenuity with the goal of making the growing experience possible for everyone, everywhere. Rather than just buying all of the garden supplies from retail stores, the two founders partnered with horticultural engineers and seed breeders to make high-quality, custom materials they love. They also worked with technicians to build state-of-the-art technology. In the end, they've created a complete garden experience that is sure to yield a successful harvest.

Great gardens

Forget the white picket fence

Gardenuity customers get to have a successful gardening experience regardless of their skill, space, or geographical location. Donna and Julie have created an all-around positive experience where we do the hard work and you reap the rewards. You'll love the way your fresh harvest smells, tastes, and makes you feel!

Enjoy the grow!