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The Company was founded with a lofty goal - to make gardening accessible for everyone and to see a garden on every patio, balcony, and yard across the country.
Donna Letier

About us

Great gardens

Ready to change the world

It’s no secret we’re all about growth. Co-founders, Donna Letier and Julie Eggers created Gardenuity to bring ingenuity and freshness to the gardening industry and experience. We started Gardenuity to change the way people garden at home and to invite others to give gardening a try. By working with really smart scientists, horticulturists, weather experts, and farm partners, we are providing better gardens and better gardening experiences.

Great gardens


Gardenuity connects the gardener to their garden. This introduction to participatory success is a critical element of our brand and the experience. Life changing ideas don’t always have to be complicated. Our garden is a smart harmony of science, patent‐pending technology and a fresh perspective. We are growing new possibilities in the current cooking, gardening, and healthy living industry. We are delivering garden possibilities to everyone.

Great gardens

Dirt Matters

Sometimes just playing in the dirt can be life altering. Scientists have observed that breathing in common soil bacterium found in nature reduces anxiety and improves learning. Working in the garden will give you a sense of accomplishment. It also grows gratitude for the here and now - for good health and for those who make fresh produce available to us 52 weeks a year. The ingredients in every single Gardenuity garden are sustainably sourced, carefully curated, and personalized to each season, location, and plant. We know in life, details matter, and the soil in every kit creates a happy, healthy home for every plant to thrive.

Great gardens

Garden Inspired Living

Everyone on our team is involved in our company’s vision and success. We believe the many and varied voices that contribute to Gardenuity strengthen us and improve the growing experience.

"Food gardening in plain sight, bringing fresh garden ideas to patios, porches and conversations across the country." Brie Arthur VP Horticulture Gardenuity

Enjoy the grow!