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perfect match

We'll only match and send you veggies you can successfully plant now or in the next ten days, based on the current weather of your location.


Delivered to your Doorstep

Get everything you need to plant, grow, & harvest, in one convenient box.



Taking care of your plant is easy with expert personal, timely, and local guidance from Gardenuity Grow Pro™


Happy harvest

There's nothing like seeing your plant reach full harvest. Now it's time to enjoy the harvest with seasonal recipes.

Gardenuity Match works by finding the veggies you can safely plant in the next ten days based on your current weather. It's working now to show you what you can plant.

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Grow Guarantee

See results in 30 days or we'll replace your plant.

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Frequently asked questions

Why grow with gardenuity?

Gardenuity makes growing veggies and herbs fun and simple. We only offer plants you’ll have real success growing, and we deliver everything you need in one box, to your door. Plus, it’s super fun and healthy to get into growing.

Will it really grow?

Yes. In fact, we guarantee it. Learn more about our Grow Guarantee here.

How much will my plant yield?

Every garden is different, based on what you plant, where you live and when you plant it.  For example, our Organic Carrot Seed Square can yield up to 30.

What happens if I forget to feed my plant?

You won’t!  As part of the Gardenuity community, your plant food, customized to your garden, will arrive when it is time for its second feeding.

what happens if the weather changes quickly?

You’ll know what to do. Grow Pro™ will send you a notification about exactly what to do with your specific plant if there’s a change in your local weather that can be trying for your plan.

But I don't have a backyard...

No problem! For veggies, all you need is a little bit of outdoor space – a patio or balcony. For InBox of herbs all you need is a tabletop, countertop or desktop to enjoy. 

What's in my delivery?

Your plant (live plant or organic seed square), pre-portioned soil, custom compost, plant food, a portable grow bag, step-by-step instructions and support from Grow Pro™.

what's custom compost?

We know that “dirt matters,” and our custom compost is made specifically for each garden based on what you're growing and where you live. You’re won't get the same compost mixture for tomatoes that you do for carrots. 

when will i receive my veggie kit?

Live plants ship directly from our farm partners (no waiting in a warehouse somewhere) and only ship Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. Organic seed squares ship in 1-2 business days just like your kit.

what's a grow pro?

Think of our Grow Pros as personal trainers, but for gardening. The Grow Pro service is expert at getting things to grow, and it's by your side when you need it. No, you won't have to do burpees, but Grow Pro will politely remind you when to water, when to feed, and what to expect at various stages of the grow.

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