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We help take the guesswork out of gardening by matching you to the right plant at the right time. Based on your local forecast and our available farm inventory, here are the perfect gardens to plant over the next ten days. We are currently unable to ship outside of the contiguous United States.

Container garden kit 
customized, curated and delivered

  • Grow Pro membership + garden weather alerts and reminders
  • Customized premium ingredients
  • Exact Proportions
  • Compost, coir, plant nutrients + reusable growing container
Pick your garden kit

Pick your garden kit

We make great gardens: everything you need to create a happy, healthy, customized home for your plants.

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Select the plant or seed square

Our farm partners and seed breeders are the best! Select the plant or organic seed square to go in your garden kit, and our guarantee is your plants will arrive healthy, fully rooted and ready to delight.

Experience the harvest

Experience the harvest

Gardens that grow, customized ingredients, and a healthy dose of support. The harvest comes easier when you have help along the way. Our Grow Pro team along with Mother Nature are going to guide you through to a tasty harvest.

Signature Garden Kit


Imagine that feeling when you walk out to your patio and pick a fresh tomato or jalapeño pepper and throw them on the grill or into a salad that is already on the table. Our Signature Garden is curated to grow your favorite seasonal vegetable with all of the plant nutrients, plant feedings, custom compost and Grow Pro Support to help you have a successful growing season. The kit is a complete, custom garden ready have you saying, “I grew that” with ease. Add to cart, then choose your favorite herb or veggie plants on the next page!

Cocktail Garden Kit


The Cocktail Garden is all you need to venture into the new world of garden inspired cocktails, bringing interesting conversation to your next gathering. The Cocktail Garden ships with the “Cocktail Garden” grow bag and all of the customized, curated contents your fresh herbs will need to thrive throughout your season. As an added bonus, you will receive garden inspired cocktail recipes that will have you enjoying the role of mixologist at your next party. Add to cart, then choose the cocktail or seasonal herb plants on the next page!

Herb Garden Kit


We believe the fresh flavors of herbs should be readily available for all of our favorite recipes and be part of every gathering indoors and out. This Herb Garden turns any patio into a place of inspired thinking. The Herb Garden comes with the Herb Garden grow bag, herb nutrients, custom compost, coir, soil primer and Grow Pro Support. Add to cart, then choose the seasonal or cocktail herb plants on the next page!

Salad Garden Kit


Salads to savor, simple salads taste even better when you harvest your own leafy greens. The salad garden comes with everything you need to plant, grow and harvest fresh leafy greens. Mobile grow bag, plant nutrients, custom compost, coir and Grow Pro support all make growing your own flavorful leafy greens easy and accessible. Add to cart, then choose your favorite leafy greens on the next page!

Grow Your Own Garden Kit


Have a favorite plant or seed? The Grow Your Own Garden ships with the grow bag, 3 coir tiles, premium compost, 2 plant feedings and soil primer that will enrich your soil to create a healthy environment for your favorite seed or plant to thrive. Plus, you can register your garden with Grow Pro and receive personalized garden weather alerts to help you keep your garden growing.

Giftable Garden Kit with Plants


Disrupt the norm. The giftable garden is a fresh take on gifting. If you love the unique and finding useful but meaningful gifts we have you covered. The giftable garden includes a complete square foot garden plus farm fresh plants, full rooted and Grow Pro support throughout the growing season. The kit will be shipped to your gift recipient; plants will be chosen by your recipient and shipped to them when they are ready to get growing.

MoGrow Refresher Kit


Refresh your Gardenuity Garden with this refresher kit. Your kit includes Custom Foundation Compost (1 gallon), 1 Coir Tile to expand to 1 gallon of fresh growing media, Soil Primer, Triple Blend Fertilizer, Micro Nutrients, PH Toner for your location, and an additional season of Grow Pro Support including weather alerts for free! Talk about Bounty!!
Add to cart, then choose your favorite herb or veggie on the next page!


Our subscription offering and selection of InBox of herbs will keep you growing indoors or out all year long.