Fresh Cedar Holiday Garland, 20'

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Add a whimsical touch to your holiday décor with a handmade and sustainability grown Cedar Garland. Showcase the beautiful deep green color and inhale the scent of fresh cedar. Add it to your mantel, use it to frame an interior or exterior doorway, or swag the garland down the banister. Bring the holidays to life with the natural beauty and fresh scent of the 20 foot Live Cedar Garland!

  • Hand-cut to order + carefully packaged
  • Free shipping from farm directly to your doorstep! 
  • Lasts between 4 to 6 weeks

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Real Cedar; Farm Grown Evergreens


20 feet long (end to end)


Sustainably grown by our farm partners in the Pacific Northwest


Ships free from farm; carefully packaged for safe travels

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Let’s get down to the

  • The options for a Live Cedar Garland are endless – the ideal way to bring holidays to life at your home or office. Throughout history, cedar has played a significant role in decorating. In fact, the use of real cedar for decorative purposes dates back to ancient civilizations. Cedar trees were highly valued for their aromatic and pest-repellent qualities, and they were often used in ancient religious ceremonies and rituals. 

    In ancient Egypt, cedar branches were used to adorn temples and tombs in honor of the gods and to ward off evil spirits. The Greeks and Romans also used cedar in their religious ceremonies as a symbol of protection and purification. 

    In a more modern context, the tradition of decorating with real cedar has been popularized during the holiday season. The use of a cedar garland for Christmas decorations can be traced back to Victorian England, where it became a staple in festive adornments. 

    Today, decorating with real cedar garland has become a beloved tradition in many households. From adorning mantles and staircases to accenting outdoor spaces, cedar garlands continue to be a popular choice for adding natural beauty and a festive touch to homes during the holiday season.

    • Sustainably sourced from our farm partners in Washington 

    • Freshly cut and hand-crafted with care

    • Includes Freshness Guarantee

  • Your Live Cedar Garland will ship directly to your doorstep. When it arrives, open the box immediately and gently shape and re-fluff your garland to help restore its original form. Soak your garland in water for a few hours prior to placing or hanging it.


    {icon_sunlight}LIGHT{/icon_sunlight} Your Cedar Garland prefers cold, shady areas. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources (if possible).

    {icon_watering}WATER{/icon_watering} Spritz the cut ends of the garland with water every 3 to 4 days. This will help maintain moisture levels and keep foliage fresh and vibrant. To keep it looking fresh, we recommend periodically spritzing the entire garland with water.

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