Fresh Cut Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

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The Fraser Fir Christmas Tree stands out as a beloved symbol of the holiday season. Its dense and symmetrical shape, vibrant green color, excellent needle retention, and delightful fragrance make it a perfect choice for those seeking to infuse their homes with the magic and beauty of Christmas. Skip the hassle of transporting a large tree and support a family-owned farm when picking out your Christmas tree this winter!

  • Hand-cut to order + carefully packaged
  • Tree stand not included
  • Ships free from farm directly to your doorstep! 
  • Freshness Guaranteed

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Frosty Mountain Farm, a family-owned farm in North Carolina


Fraser Fir Evergreen Tree (Abies fraseri)


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  • The Frazier Fir Christmas Tree, scientifically known as Abies fraseri, is a popular choice amongst many households during the holiday season. This iconic evergreen tree, native to the southern Appalachian Mountains, has gained recognition for its exceptional beauty and remarkable needle retention.

    One of the distinguishing features of the Frazier Fir is its dense and symmetrical shape, making it an ideal choice for Christmas decorations. Its branches are characterized by short, horizontally arranged needles that radiate a deep, vibrant green color, creating a striking contrast with the traditional red and gold ornaments that adorn its branches. This uniformity in needle arrangement also ensures that the tree can accommodate a plethora of ornaments, creating an exquisite visual spectacle.

    The Frazier Fir surpasses other varieties in its exceptional needle retention. While many other Christmas trees start to shed their needles after a few weeks, the Frazier Fir remains fresh and vibrant for an extended period of time.

    • From a family-owned farm in North Carolina 

    • Freshly cut and carefully packaged upon order

    • Includes Freshness Guarantee

  • High in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina is the Frosty Mountain Farm, the perfect Christmas Tree partner. Donna and her husband Chipper, along with their family, grow and nurture 95,000 Frazier Fir Trees on 60 acres of their 300 acre farm. Their annual harvest begins in November — not September — so Frosty Mountain trees are the freshest possible. 

    When you order one of their Frazier Fir Trees through Gardenuity, they hand-cut the tree and carefully package it for shipping. It’s because of their meticulous effort and care for their trees and their farm that we know your tree will arrive fresh and healthy, directly to your doorstep.

  • Your Frazier Fir Tree will ship directly to your doorstep, saving you the hassle and time of transporting a large tree! These trees have a beautiful scent and strong branches that can support heavier ornaments and decorations. These Frazier Fir Trees have excellent needle retention; the needles are dark green on the upper surface and silver white on the underside, giving the tree a beautiful two tone effect. 

    When your tree arrives:

    • Take it out of the box as soon as you can. Remove any travel attire, and make sure to cut any string to loosen limbs immediately.

    • Make a 1/2" fresh cut (to remove the dried sap) place the tree in water to allow water uptake into the tree. No special additives are needed.

    • Until you decide to decorate your tree, we suggest misting or hosing it down each night or early morning. Keep your tree in a cool, shady place and keep it in an upright position.


    {icon_sunlight}LIGHT{/icon_sunlight} Your Frasier Fir Tree prefers cold, shady areas. Avoid direct sunlight.

    {icon_watering}WATER{/icon_watering} A freshly cut tree can drink up to one gallon of water per day! Make sure to display your tree in a water stand so it stays hydrated.

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