Real Noble Fir Candle Ring Wreath, 15"

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As soon as a Noble Fir Wreath is unboxed, the wintry scent of fresh evergreens comes through and the holidays come alive. A timeless holiday tradition, our fresh Noble Fir Wreaths are freshly cut and meticulously arranged by hand in the USA. Known for its needle retention and ability to retain moisture, Noble Fir is treasured for its emerald green color and aromatic notes of the season. A cherished addition to your holiday decor or a festive gift that will grow joy throughout the season!

  • Handmade to order + carefully packaged
  • Free shipping from the farm directly to your door! 
  • Freshness Guaranteed

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Fresh Noble Fir Foliage


15 inches across (diameter)


For indoor or sheltered outdoor use


Sustainably harvested by our farm partners in Washington


Ships free from farm; carefully packaged for safe travels

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Let’s get down to the

  • Our Noble Fir Wreaths are handcrafted and harvested from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Mount St. Helens, where the abundance of greens thrive in nature’s cold mornings and evenings. Harvested with great care and immediately transported to cool storage, our farm partners assure you will receive only the freshest greens.

    Gardenuity is proud to work with growers who commit to sustainability and preserving the natural beauty of their tree farms. These Christmas greens are organically grown and have earned the prestigious MPS-A+ rating for the best environmental performance. 

    A timeless symbol of the holidays, these fresh cut Noble Fir Candle Ring Wreaths will add a touch of warmth and natural beauty to any space. Whether used for religious ceremonies, as a symbol of victory, or simply as an ornamental touch, the history of decorating with fresh noble fir wreaths is rich and meaningful.

    • Sustainably sourced from our farm partners in Washington 

    • Freshly cut and handmade to order

    • Freshness Guaranteed

  • Your Noble Fir Candle Ring Wreath will ship directly to your doorstep from the farm in Washington. When it arrives, open the box immediately. Gently shape and re-fluff your wreath to help restore its original form. Spritz the wreath with water prior to placing or hanging it.


    {icon_sunlight}LIGHT{/icon_sunlight} Your Noble Fir Wreath prefers cooler, shady areas. Keep it out of direct sunlight (if possible) and away from heat sources to help extend its lifespan.

    {icon_watering}WATER{/icon_watering} Spritz your wreath with water every 3 to 4 days to keep it looking fresh. This will help maintain moisture levels and keep foliage fresh and vibrant. 

    Our favorite ways to use Noble Fir Wreaths for holiday décor:

    ·  Tablescaping – place the wreath at the center of your dining or coffee table

    ·  Fill a bowl or cylinder with your favorite holiday candy and place it in the middle of the wreath

    ·  Hang on your patio or lawn chairs, creating an inviting and festive outdoor space

    ·  Hang 2 or 3 wreaths down your door for an elevated look, or across your mantel with everyone's stockings attached!

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