The Nano Tropical Desktop Plant

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Perfectly planted in a small ceramic white planter, the Nano brings a little touch of nature to any indoor space. The mini tropical plant comes fully planted in customized soil and works in low light, making it an ideal way to add some tropical foliage to any home or office. This desktop plant is smaller than a cup of coffee and our cutest little indoor accessory!

  • Includes 1 small tropical plant
  • Comes fully planted with care guide
  • Small, low maintenance desktop plant

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    1 Small Tropical Plant


    Needs 4-5 hours of indirect natural light per day


    White Nano Ceramic Planter (2.5 in. x 2.5 in. x 2.5 in.)


    Watering reminders, mindfulness tips, plant care guide, on-call support, and more

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    • Your Nano Tropical Desktop Plant arrives already planted in custom tropical soil that will provide your tropical plant with the nutrients it needs to thrive. This beautiful, low maintenance desktop plant only needs a little nurturing, water, and indirect sunshine!

      Your Desktop Plant will come with:

      White Nano Ceramic Planter with Drip Tray A home for your mini tropical plant! This planter is approximately 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”.

      Aeration Mat – A green aeration mat made from recycled bottles that should be placed at the bottom of the ceramic planter. The mat helps create air circulation to keep oxygen present for the roots, which is crucial for their growth and development.

      Tropical Foundation – The Gardenuity Foundation is custom blended seasonal compost, full of nutrients for your plants to thrive.

      Mister Spray Bottle – Your tropical plant likes humidity, so we suggest filling your Mister Spray Bottle with water and lightly misting your plant each morning.

    • When your plant arrives, take it out of the box as soon as you can and remove any travel attire. Check your plants' soil + make sure it is well-hydrated. If it feels dry, place the plant in a shallow dish of water for 10-15 mins to let it soak up the water it needs. 

      Printed instruction + care card is included.


      {icon_sunlight}SUNLIGHT{/icon_sunlight} Your tropical plant needs 4-5 hours of indirect, natural light every day.

      {icon_watering}WATER{/icon_watering} Water your plant once per week. Simply take the white ceramic planter off the tray and pour one scoop of water onto your plant. Allow any excess water to drain out the bottom before placing it back on the tray. 

      {icon_humidity}HUMIDITY{/icon_humidity} Your plant likes humidity! Every morning, take 5 seconds to lightly mist your desktop plant.

    • We guarantee your plants will arrive healthy, happy, and ready to grow! If your fully-rooted plants are not thriving upon arrival or have any issue within the first 7 days of delivery, contact us so we can have a replacement plant sent to you. Simply email GrowPro@Gardenuity.com with a picture of your plant and your order number.

      Our Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs take an average of 4-6 weeks to bloom. If your wax bulb has not bloomed after 6 weeks, we can have a replacement shipped to you. Please email GrowPro@Gardenuity.com with a picture of your bulb and your order number.

      Our Microgreens take an average of 6-10 days to germinate. If your microgreen seeds have not germinated in 14 days, we can have a replacement shipped to you. Please email GrowPro@Gardenuity.com with a picture of your Microgreens Desktop Garden and your order number.

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