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Growing microgreens is the perfect year-round gardening experience that nurtures you nutritionally and mentally. Microgreens are small and mighty, and packed full of nutrition and flavor. In fact, they have up to 40 times the vitamins of their mature counterparts! The Microgreens Desktop Garden makes growing and harvesting simple. 

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Includes 6 Seed Packets 
  • Enjoy your first harvest in 10-20 days!
Seed Collections:

*Plants may vary from the images based on freshness & seasonal availability.

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Approx. 5.75” W x 7.75\ L x 2.5\ H (ceramic planter)


White Ceramic Planter, Divided Steel Planting Tray, 6 Seed Packets, 6 Foundation Sheets, Mister


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When you grow with Gardenuity, you have full access to Grow Pro® and the Gardenuity Community. Our team of Grow Pro experts are available to answer your questions and make your growing experience seamless.

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Let’s get down to the

  • The Gardenuity Microgreens Desktop Garden comes with everything you need for a successful growing experience.  The ceramic planter is designed to fit easily on any countertop or desktop and comes with a divided steel planting tray so that you can grow two different microgreen varieties at the same time. Each collection comes with six seed packets and six seed sprouting foundation sheets, a mister, and Grow Pro Perks to keep you growing, harvesting and enjoying your microgreens.

    Your Salad Toppings Collection may include any of the following seeds: Beet + Chard Microgreen Mix, Radish, Diakon Microgreens, Mustard Microgreens, Curly Kale Microgreens, or Gourmet Lettuce Microgreens. More Microgreen Seeds Collections coming soon!

    • Kit comes with step-by-step instructions + care guide

    • Quick and easy way to add nutrient-rich flavor to any meal!

    • Includes 6 Seed Packets for continuous growing

  • Your Microgreen Desktop Garden comes as a kit with easy step-by-step instructions and care guide. 

    Your indoor desktop garden kit will include:

    Ceramic Planter – A white planter that is dishwasher safe and designed to work with the steel planting tray.

    Divided Steel Planting Tray – The metal tray is divided into two sections so you can grow two different microgreens crops at the same time.

    6 Seed Sprouting Foundation Sheets – Made in the USA, these pre-cut Seed Sprouting Foundation Sheets are the ideal media to help your microgreens germinate. These biodegradable sheets have passed food safety testing and are made of 100% blended plant-based fibers. 

    Microgreens Mister – An easy-to-use spray bottle to keep your microgreens seeds moist while sprouting.

    6 Packets of Seeds – Each packet is pre-measured with the perfect amount of microgreens seeds. Each collection includes 6 packets of seeds. 

    The Salad Toppings Collection may include any of the following: 

    Beet and Chard Microgreen Mix - A bright and flavorful mix of Chard and Beet microgreens.  Presents red and green leaves and rainbow of stems and vein colors. 

    Radish, Diakon Microgreens - Crisp, and spicy. The Radish microgreen is one of our fastest growing greens and will add a zesty flavor to any salad.

    Mustard Microgreens - Ruffled leaves with a sweet and spicy flavor.  The perfect topping to your avocado toast.

    Curly Kale Microgreens - Bright green with soft stems, this kale microgreen is the ideal introduction to loving Kale. Its flavor is mild and color bright.

    Gourmet Lettuce Microgreens - Bright and colorful, the lettuce blend is the perfect way to add a touch of salad to your favorite salad.  Mild in flavor and full of nutrition.

  • When your Microgreens Kit arrives, keep it away from any heat source; this will help keep your seeds fresh until you are ready to get them planted. Printed care cards are included in each kit.

    {icon_sunlight}LIGHT{/icon_sunlight} Your Microgreens Desktop Garden doesn’t need a lot of light to grow. Place it in a location with overhead lighting; natural light from a window will be fine.

    {icon_watering}WATER{/icon_watering} Mist your garden daily to keep the seeds moist (but not soggy or wet). After your microgreens have sprouted (usually within 8-12 days), continue to mist them once a day until you have completed your harvest.

    {icon_harvesting}HARVESTING{/icon_harvesting} You can begin harvesting microgreens 10-20 days after planting! Once your microgreens have been harvested, they will not regrow. You will need to plant a new packet of seeds.

    *Full harvesting + plant care guidelines will be provided as part of the Grow Pro experience.

  • Microgreens are a plant that falls between a sprout and a baby green. The greens are a young vegetable or herb that grows to approximately 1-3 inches tall. Often referred to as baby plants, these tiny greens are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a great addition to any diet.

    What is the difference between a microgreen and a sprout? Microgreens have leaves and sprouts do not. Sprouts also have a shorter growing cycle of 2-7 days, whereas microgreens are usually harvested 10-20 days after germination, once the plant’s first true leaves have emerged.

  • We guarantee your plants will arrive healthy, happy, and ready to grow! If your fully-rooted plants are not thriving upon arrival or have any issue within the first 7 days of delivery, contact us so we can have a replacement plant sent to you. Simply email GrowPro@Gardenuity.com with a picture of your plant and your order number.

    Our Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs take an average of 4-6 weeks to bloom. If your wax bulb has not bloomed after 6 weeks, we can have a replacement shipped to you. Please email GrowPro@Gardenuity.com with a picture of your bulb and your order number.

    Our Microgreens take an average of 6-10 days to germinate. If your microgreen seeds have not germinated in 14 days, we can have a replacement shipped to you. Please email GrowPro@Gardenuity.com with a picture of your Microgreens Desktop Garden and your order number.

Get matched with the perfect plants just for you

Gardenuity’s Match® Technology

Our Match® Technology customizes each garden to your location so you and your plants will have the perfect growing experience. We match you with a collection of plants based on the current season, your forecasted weather, the plants’ needs, and the garden's location. Our patent-pending Match Technology takes the guesswork out of growing, so each experience grows success.

Gardenuity: the better way to grow

  • Garden Kit + Plant Collection matched to your geolocation
  • Grow Pro Experts to help you harvest results you deserve
  • Made Sustainably - No excess waste for you or the planet
  • Suitable for all ages and experience levels
  • Get growing, guaranteed
  • Join thousands of happy growers

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